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rse plan. rethink possible. . >> reporter: still pretty busy in san francisco for the holiday shopping season starting early. . and new information tonight about a shooting that injured a san jose police officer. what we've learned about the suspected gunman. >> if i can get closure to this,
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maybe i would feel better. >> an oakland family searches for answers after a carport fire destroys their vehicle. what investigators have uncovered so far. . good evening. more and more shoppers are unwilling to wait for black friday, and instead, are getting an early start, a really early start on their holiday gift buying. ktvu's cara lui is live in san francisco, where some people have already checked off several names on their list. >> reporter: still busy out here right now. if you take a look, lot of shoppers outside macy's right now. if you look across the street, union square, very busy right now also. looking down, a steady stream of cars in and out of the parking garage. san francisco's cable cars, crowds, tree at the center of union square are part of the
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holiday shopping tradition for many here in the bay area. >> we came to have some fun with the kids and take a look at the tree and then do some shopping. >> reporter: this family carried shopping bags stuffed full of gourmet cookie tins and other gifts. >> we try to beat the friday black sale and come a little earlier and get things we need to done. got a couple of good-byes and went to neiman marcus. >> reporter: this couple, like many out shopping today, say the lure of black friday prices wasn't incentive enough to deal with the long lines the day after thanksgiving. they preferred to beat the rush. >> you know, with the time and everything, we save the time and that's very important to me. that's what it is. >> reporter: at the new city target, fran seen in a edmonds filled an entire shopping cart getting ready for the holidays. >> we got lamps on clearance, a throw, all of the houseware items that we need, also have contact solution, listerine,
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everything. got it all. >> reporter: others felt downtown traffic was lighter than previous years due to construction projects, like those on stockton street and harrison. and some retailers fighting for consumer dollars this season have already started their black friday pricing. sears, for example, allowed members online access to door busters starting this afternoon, and back out here at macy's, many of the other retailers including macy's starting some sale prices early as well. live in san francisco, cara lui, ktvu channel 2news. and at 5:30, heading out for the holiday? new incentive sending people in the bay area out of town for thanksgiving. we have new information tonight on an officer-involved shooting in san jose friday night. san jose police today released this mug shot of 26-year-old jonathan wilbanks. he was arrested friday night, after police say he and another man opened fire on two police officers. one of those officers suffered two minor gunshot wounds. wilbanks also suffered minor wounds.
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police say wilbanks and another suspect committed four armed robberies earlier in the evening. police say one of those robberies occurred in a 7-eleven parking lot. the victim there was shot and killed. investigators are now trying to identify the second man believed to be involved. we now know the name of the victim in a deadly shooting in menlo park last night. today, authorities identified the deceased victim as 42-year-old carey cudlive. two men approached the man and his wife while the couple sat in a parked car. the suspects demanded the couples' valuables. the man was then shot and pronounced dead at the scene. the woman was not injured. a two-alarm fire broke out at about 2:00 on 47th avenue between geary and anza street. one person was inside the home at the time of the fire, but managed to escape without injury. the house suffered significant damage inside. witnesses on the scene say the flames spread to two adjacent
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homes, but it's unclear at this point how badly those houses were damaged. the cause of the fire is under investigation. an east bay family is struggling, facing a new struggle this holiday season, after a suspicious fire destroyed their belongings. ktvu's lorainne blanco tells us the fire took some of those most precious items. >> reporter: for the second straight morning, firefighters tamed flames in an oakland carport. this fire started near a buick at 41st and market, destroying two cars and a motorcycle. >> they were basically near our house. you could hear the explosions, see the fire. >> reporter: deandre brown didn't have time to worry about his car or his things. all he could think about was bringing his wife and twin toddlers to safety. >> i can't even really imagine, like, what i'm going through around the holiday, the family. it's just terrible. >> reporter: this car was the
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family's only transportation, and the stuff that was inside that metal storage unit was just as important. >> i don't know what to do with it. like, this is their first baby clothes. i put this on them when they were in the hospital to come home and now it's all ruined! >> reporter: also ruined, the kids clothes, their stroller and all of their toys. >> i'm counting my blessings and thank god that it wasn't our apartment, thank god that me and the babies got out. >> reporter: at this point, firefighters don't think the fire is connected to yesterday's suspicious carport fire near maxwell park. >> if i can get closure to this, maybe i can feel a little better. >> reporter: the cause of today's fire remains under investigation. in oakland, lorainne blanco, ktvu channel 2news. the coastguard recovered a body found this morning in san francisco bay. a coastguard spokesman says a fisherman discovered the man's body about 7:30 a.m. near the golden gate bridge and notified authorities. the man was not wearing a life
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vest. so far, the man has not been identified. he was described by the coastguard as middle aged. the death is under investigation. rain totals have really added up across the bay area, thanks to those recent back-to-back storms. showing you what it looked like in oakland last night, rain came down in buckets all over the bay area, making driving treacherous in some areas. there were reports of spinouts on bay area freeways and isolated street flooding. so how much rain fell during the recent string of storms, mark? >> the numbers have been adding up. in fact, over the past three days, parts of the north bay picking up over 2 inches of rain. let's take a look at the totals over the past three days. santa rosa, just over 22 inches. san ralph tail, 2.0 the 9. san francisco, over an inch, 1.19. concord, 0.72. san jose, 0.69. on live storm tracker 2, you see the bulk of the rainfall up to
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the north of the bay area, toward the north coast, around eureka, crescent city as well. there is some activity moving into parts of the north bay. most of this, really not reaching the ground. we could have a few spripgles toward sonoma county and we'll hold on to the chance tonight, into tomorrow morning. for the rest of the region, not a lot to show you with the live doppler sweep, showing you activity here. mainly clouds and possibly drizzle in the short-term. here's the overall weather setup. storm track mainly focused to the north of the region. as a result, best chance of rain over the next few days will be up from points to the north, closer to eureka. for us, first thing tomorrow morning, lots of cloud cover out there. temperatures starting out your monday morning in the low to mid-40s. san francisco, 48 degrees. fremont, around 47. livermore, checking in first thing tomorrow morning early, right around 41 degrees. coming up in a few minutes, we'll take a look at our forecast model, highlight the one part of the bay area that
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could pick up a few sprinkles, also a couple more systems on the long range weather maps and i'll let you know if thanksgiving will be dry. coming up in 25 minutes, we'll take you to where skiers and snowboarders are taking advantage of all that fresh powder. police in oakland say the weather and speed may have caused a crash early this morning that injured two people. the accident happened at about 2:00 a.m. on fourth street and broadway. officers say the driver of this green sedan was passing two cars when he lost control and then crashed right into a tree. they say alcohol is not suspected in the crash. the official cause remains under investigation. three people went to the hospital last night, after two separate shootings in oakland. the first happened around 9:00 p.m. on havens court boulevard near avon detail avenue. officers arrived at the scene to find two people suffering from gunshot wounds. their injuries were not life threatening. about half hour later, another victim arrived at a local
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hospital with a gunshot wound. police aren't sure yet where that shooting occurred. for 25 years now, st. anthony's in san francisco has welcomed curbside donations the day before thanksgiving. that effort is under way again. ktvu is live in the city to explain this year presents a unique challenge. ken? >> reporter: well, that challenge, you can see, that big change is right behind me. that's where the st. anthony's dining hall used to be. it's been demolished to make way for a new one. what they have done is moved the operations, the dining hall, and the curbside pickup across the street, just across the street. so it's just as easy to donate. it's a little more difficult to find a place to store that generosity. the cones that mark the curbside drop-off have moved from the right to the left side of the street, but the sign that tallies the turkeys is still there, as are the volunteers. as for the people donating? >> superconvenient. >> reporter: really nothing has changed, but that's not true for st. anthonys. the original building has been torn down. the kitchen and curbside
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drop-off, moved to st. anthony's temporary location across the street. >> so everything's smaller. we have no storage to take the food that we're getting here. >> reporter: st. anthony's executive director says st. anthony's now has 40% less storage space for food, so what's donated curbside now goes into a cold storage truck for delivery. >> hilton hotel has been very generous letting us use their freezers and refrigeration units. >> reporter: it's an arrangement that works and will have to next year as well. the demolition work on the old st. anthony's dining hall is just wrapping up. the new modern, spacious dining hall won't be complete until 2014, with still some fund-raising yet to do. >> well, we're about 87% of the way. so $22 million project, we have about 2.8 left to go. >> reporter: well, st. anthony's goal for thanksgiving for the curbside pickup is 1000 turkeys. as of this afternoon, they were about 20% of the way there.
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san francisco, ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2news. the oakland raiders encourage fans to help feed the needy. this morning, they collected food donations before today's game against the saints at the coliseum. food will go to the alameda county food bank. raiders staff and family members have been busy sorting, boxing and shelfing food for several days now in preparation for the holiday season. one year later, loved ones gathered to remember a bay area marine killed in the line of duty. the touching ceremony being held right now. plus, a call to action in the aftermath of last month's superstorm on the east coast. what one lawmaker is demanding from federal officials. >> and tension rises in the middle east after another attack claims dozens of lives. we'll have the latest on the situation in gaza. with all these different kinds of coffee. actually, i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig.
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. a year ago today, a young
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marine lost his life fighting for our country. how his death has inspired help for other veterans. a service just got under way in danville. >> reporter: we're live at the veterans memorial hall here in danville, located at 400 hearts avenue. several hundred people have come here tonight to remember josh corral. this began about 45 minutes ago, with many arriving the hour before. this has been a wide range of emotions for those speaking tonight. i just heard josh's father address the crowd, because it's been one year since josh's death. josh was only 19 years old when he was killed last year. lance corporal josh chachi was a marine, he died in an operation in southern afghanistan, two and a half months after his deployment. corral graduated from san ramon valley high school in 2010. eight of his friends signed up for military service that year. today, his family decided to hold a memorial to remember his
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life and sacrifice. everyone gathered here in front of josh's fallen hero statue, which was unveiled recently at the veterans hall. we spoke to josh's grandparents about an hour or so ago. >> we live in fremont, but we're out here a lot, just knowing how great this community has been to our family and memory and in honor of josh. and knowing that as the -- josh gave all and i know that this community will never forget that. he was a great kid. >> reporter: this memorial is taking place right now. we were told by organizers that they had planned about 20 minutes and they would let everyone come up to the mic and discuss and talk about josh and his life and his sacrifice. the family has invited those wanting to make a donation to the severaller fi foundation to join them at premo's after this
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gathering here tonight. part of the profits and proceeds will go to the semper fi foundation. we'll continue to talk to family members and we'll have more later on tonight at 10:00. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2news. the ceo of an energy company whose platform in the gulf of mexico exploded spoke publicly today about the two workers killed in that blast. the explosion happened friday on an oil rig belonging to houston-based black elk energy. officials say 11 people were injured, four severely. two workers jumped from the burning rig. one of their bodies was located yesterday. >> i'm deeply saddened to say that we have identified one body under the platform. that body has not been recovered before. we're working in coordination with the u.s. coastguard so that we can respectfully and most efficiently recover the body.
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>> that ceo vowed today to continue searching for the second worker's body. authorities said the explosion happened while workers were using a torch to cut an oil line on the platform. congressional leaders say they want compromise on the fiscal cliff, but there is no sign of agreement of how to raise more revenue. without agreement, tax increases and deep spending cuts go into effect at the end of the year. the chair of the house gop policy committee said today the tax raise that president obama wants doesn't solve the problem. >> we take the president's deal that he has brought to the table. you know how many days that pays for the federal government? not -- eight days. not eight months. not eight weeks. eight days. >> the elements for an agreement are there. time is of the essence. the quicker we do it, the more confidence we instill. the better it is for the economy and for the american people. house minority leader nancy pelosi anticipates an agreement by mid-december, but says democrats will not accept a plan
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that fails to include a tax hike for the wealthy. now to our continuing coverage of the cleanup from superstorm sandy, and vice president joe biden today visited new jersey to view the damage there. after a helicopter tour of the coastal area hit by the storm, the vice president met with emergency workers who lost their own homes and he thanked them and promised to help bring back the area's beaches and famed atlantic city boardwalk. the late october storm killed 24 people and knocked out power for millions. some 600 people are still without electricity tonight. also today, new york senator charles schumer called for an overhaul of the cell phone industry, after the massive failure in service during the storm. >> the goal is simple, that no matter what the disaster, there's uninterrupted cell phone service for our first responders and for our citizens who lost power and need food, need to report fires, need to communicate in every way.
5:20 pm
>> a quarter of cell phone users in the area lost service when sandy hit. senator schumer wants the fcc to require cell phone operators to have backup power and find other ways to keep service going during disasters. more than two dozen are dead and a fifth straight day of mideast violence. hear which country is taking a lead role in brokering a peace deal between israel and hamas. >> president obama arrives in thailand for a tour of southeast asia. we'll tell you why this trip is historic for a u.s. president. >> i can't believe it. >> bay area travelers hitting the road ahead of the thanksgiving holiday.
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. israel fired on two media centers in gaza today, injuring six journalists. it is the fifth and worst day of violence. israeli strikes killed at least 26 people in gaza city today, including several children. palestinian militants continue to fire rockets at israel with numerous injuries. david lee miller tells us president obama is now calling for peace, but standing by israel. >> reporter: frantically searching for cover, air ride sirens jarring israelis for a fifth day. while israel's iron dome
5:24 pm
intercept tore system shot down two rockets bound for tel aviv on sunday night, strikes from hamas, increasing in intensity. >> there are more significant rockets flying in terms of numbers and sequences, coming in five at a time, not just randomly one or two here and there. >> reporter: firing back, israel has been targeting the homes of suspected hamas militants in the gaza strip, this hit on a two-story house. the blood shed is likely to raise international pressure for a cease fire. while on a three-day asia tour, speaking from bangkok, president obama blamed palestinian can militants for starting the round of fighting. >> there is no country on earth that would tolerate missiles raining down on its citizens from outside its borders. >> reporter: president obama cautioning against a ground invasion in gaza, saying the casualties would deepen. despite that, all along the border, there are platoons of israeli troops waiting for the order to go. >> that operation would continue until we will make it clear that
5:25 pm
the reality we are facing now and we faced before the operation will not be the reality afterwards. >> reporter: while president obama says he has been in touch with the leaders of israel, egypt and turkey, it appears that cairo is taking the lead role in trying to negotiate a peace deal between hamas and israel. along the israel-gaza border, david lee miller, fox news. in other news of the world tonight, in turkey, a cameraman held by syrian government forces for 87 days is now back with his family. cameraman held tight to his wife as they were reunited. he told reporters it was very hard for him to talk because he didn't speak to anyone the entire time he was held. he did say he was not mistreated. there is no word about the whereabouts of the jordanian reporter captured with him as they were reporting in aleppo. take a look at this. in australia, amateur photographer captured the image of this very large with our spout off the coast --
5:26 pm
waterspout off the coast of new south wales. severe thunderstorms in the area caused some damage to homes on shore. and in cairo, the new head of the egyptian coptic christian church was installed during a four-hour ceremony. the installation of the pope comes at a critical time in egypt's history, as the christian minority is seeing a surge in attacks since the uprising that overthrew hosni mubarak last year. christians make up between 6 and 10% of egypt's 83 million population. president obama makes history this week during his tour of asia, with a controversial visit to myanmar. he arrived in thailand today, where he met with the thai prime minister. >> this is not an endorsement of the burmese government. this is an acknowledgment that
5:27 pm
there is a process under way inside that country that even a year and a half, two years ago, nobody foresaw. >> tomorrow, myanmar, president obama will meet with the nobel prize winner and visit the house where she was kept under arrest for years. the government continues to hold hundreds of political prisoners. bay area travelers are hitting the roads ahead of the holiday rush. >> lower gas prices are just one thing holiday travelers have to be thankful about this week. >> another early season snowstorm in the sierras, making skiers and snowboarders very happy. we'll have the latest conditions from the slopes. >> and banning, bearing it all. the next step in san francisco to try to limit public nudity and where it would still be allowed. >> watch all of our newscasts live, plus get drive time photographic, video of breaking
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. public hearing will be held tomorrow on new pollution control measures at chevron's fire-damaged richmond refinery. repairs are under way after the august fire. air quality officials urge chevron to replace equipment with newer technology. chevron says there will be small pollution control improvements, but some say the oil giants could be doing more. the meeting takes place tomorrow at 9:45 in the morning at the air quality management district office in san francisco. port of oakland workers are getting ready for a 24-hour strike this week.
5:31 pm
members of sciu local 1021 will protest at the port and in front of terminal 1 at oakland airport on tuesday. the union says the port demands pay cuts, despite having a budget surplus and claim it's lying about port finances to the workers and the public. the workers have been without a contract for more than a year. an investigation is under way in vallejo to determine if two drive-by shootings last night within an hour of each other are linked. police say the first incident, a woman was sent to the hospital after being shot on wendy street and taper avenue just before 7:00 p.m. she is expected to be okay. about an hour earlier another drive-by shooting on mark avenue near janice street. no one was hurt in that shooting. anyone with information is being asked to call police. state and federal officials are reportedly investigating accusations of wrongdoing by some nurses at sole dad state prison. according to the monterrey herald, investigators are looking into possible payroll fraud, diverted pharmacy drugs that were intended for inmates
5:32 pm
and falsified medical records to cover up for the missing drugs. a spokeswoman for the california department of corrections confirmed that an investigation is under way and said the department is taking, quote, appropriate actions. the los angeles police of chief beck is considering firing four officers at the center of a police brutality case. the l.a. times reports one of the officers tasered a handcuffed woman while joking with other officers at the scene. the chief is considering firing the other officers for allegedly lying about the incident. this is the fourth case in the last few months where l.a.p.d. officers have been accused of using force on restrained suspects. some people are hitting the roads and airports early. they are trying to beat the travel rush this thanksgiving holiday. christien kafton caught up with those trying to avoid the hassle and tells us the change luring some travelers to the roads. >> reporter: flyers in and out of oakland international airport today said it was smooth
5:33 pm
sailing, enjoying the proverbial calm before the storm. the airport is trying to take some of the sting out of holiday travel by offering up to three days of free parking for people flying between thanksgiving and december 20th. the day before thanksgiving is traditionally one of the busiest travel days of the year and plenty of travelers today said they wanted to beat the rush. >> i am, i am taking the whole week off. >> reporter: experienced flyers say hitting the road early makes all the difference in the world. >> i'm amazed. i flew out for christmas a couple years ago and it was such a nightmare. this is easy. i can't believe it. >> reporter: people who are driving this holiday week definitely have something to be thankful for, lower gas prices. >> according to gas, prices a month ago hovered above the 450 mark around the bay area. today, those prices are closer to 385 a gallon. drivers who plan on driving this holiday weekend say lower prices will make those plans a little easier to pay for.
5:34 pm
>> our son lives in the city and we live up in redding. we'll make a trip back down to visit with him and possibly at christmas time, too. >> reporter: others say they planned on hosting the holiday get-together this year to avoid high gas prices and the hassles of traveling. >> we would be able to save a lot of money on gas. >> reporter: overall, aaa california estimates a 5.4 million californians will travel somewhere this week. christien kafton, channel 2news. an early start to the ski season and skiers are sending back positive reports from the sierra; trying to take advantage of early season discounts. this is video from sugar bowl, where the weekend storm dumped a fresh layer of snow. skiers and snowboarders say it's a little sticky, but that can be a good thing. >> it's winter snow. we need this wetter stuff to stick to the rocks and give us a good base. it's perfect. >> the timing of the next storm
5:35 pm
could make or break the holiday weekend. resorts say if they get enough snow followed by sunshine, they will get huge crowds. they say that will also get people excited about the rest of the season. >> you can go to for a list of open ski resorts in the area. click on hot topics. today marks one year since an occupy protest at uc davis made national headlines. campus police pepper sprayed the protesters. in this video of the incident went viral on youtube. the university eventually agreed to a million dollar lawsuit with 21 injured students. a critical review of the campus police chief led to her retirement in april. students plan an anniversary march yesterday. tomorrow also marks a year of the devastating fire in
5:36 pm
hayward. nearby businesses say foot traffic has still not returned to the area. san francisco supervisors are set to vote on an ordinance this tuesday that would put an tent to public nudity. on friday, a group of nudists held a rally shortly before filing a lawsuit against the proposed ban. they say the ban will deprive them of their freedom. the only exceptions to the ban would be for participants at permitted street fairs and parades. talks resume tomorrow between the nfl owners and players as the 64-day lockout continues. the biggest issues have been owner demands for a 50/50 split in hockey-related revenue. and a change in contract rules rewards veteran players instead of newcomers. tomorrow's meeting will be the first one since a meeting last sunday that left both sides frustrated. tomorrow, the golden state warriors will get the help of the local restaurant, hotel and trade unions, in their fish for a new waterfront arena in san francisco. the unions and other local
5:37 pm
leaders will urge the board of supervisors to approve the billion dollar deal. the warriors are promoting the project with the promise of new jobs and the use of private money. a somber ceremony today in oakland marked the anniversary of the jonestown masacre. the service at evergreen cemetery emphasized the loss of hundreds of children. on this day in 1978 in guyana, bay area cult leader jim jones ordered his followers to drink cyanide-laced kool-aid. a los angeles minister who lost members of her family says it's important to remember the youngest victims. >> every innocent person counts, but children matter twice, because they evoke our present joy and they also determine our future. >> as part of the ceremony today, mourners covered up the part of the cemetery memorial that displays the name of jim jones. dr. norwood said a memorial with his name wrongly presents jones as a victim. now to our continuing
5:38 pm
coverage of the scandal involving the former director of the cia, david petraeus. computer crime experts say the fbi would most likely not have pursued the complaints of harassment brought by this woman you see here, jill kelley, florida socialite, except that the sender seemed to know the travel schedules of both petraeus and marine general john allen. the sender turned out to be paula broadwell, petraeus' biographer and former mistress. the fbi says because the investigation involved such high profile individuals, the fbi director and attorney general were kept notified of its progress. service members suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder have a new tool to help them recover. the military developed a new mobile app called prolonged exposure coach. the app has the user listen to recordings of their own therapy sessions so they can revisit the memory of what is haunting them. and in the process, help them cope. >> you're getting to understand
5:39 pm
what went wrong and that you don't have anything wrong. it's just you are not the average person. i'm starting to get control of my life again. >> veterans affairs estimates more than half of veterans seek treatment for emotional and psychological problems. talk about a test of endurance in the city today. why some people were literally jumping over taxis and scaling schoolbuses in san francisco today. >> and how long do we keep those umbrellas around? channel 2 meteorologist mark tamayo will be here with a look at the next wet weather system and whether it will affect the thanksgiving holiday. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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. a very unique competition in san francisco. the men's health urban@lone has men scaling schoolbuses and jumping taxi cabs. the race includes a star climb at at&t park. this is the second year for the event. about 3000 people took part this year. let's check in with mark tamayo and see when the rain will come back. >> we are tracking more shower chances, but for right now, cloud cover out there in the short-term, maybe a few north bay sprinkles heading into monday. right now, live camera showing you this in downtown san francisco, just beautiful out there, with the holiday lights already set up out there. lots of cloud cover, san francisco currently in the upper 50s, right around 57 degrees. i am tracking rain showers mainly to the north of the bay area. you can see around eureka, right around the sierra as well, rain showers. notice we do have some activity showing up in parts of the north bay. most of this really not reaching
5:43 pm
the ground, but we could have spotty drizzle or a few sprinkles for this region. also, to the sierra, here's a look at some of the reports. the spotter reports, notice if you do take a look at those toward truckie, 9 inches of snow reported at 8:31 this morning as we move the report sensor here closer to tahoe city, about 2 inches. winter storm warning, we were tracking, talking about yesterday that has expired. right now, live doppler sweep, we can show you this. not much in the way of coverage here, but a little bit of activity and a few sprinkles, especially up in the more than parts of sonoma county, heelsburg, around the clover dale area. as far as forecast headlines for tonight, we do have this. mostly cloudy skies, temperatures on the cool side. tomorrow, monday, partly to mostly cloudy. tuesday and wednesday, clouds on the increase and we could be tracking a few showers, especially up in the north bay. here's the overall weather setup. this area of low pressure is anchored to the north and west. this will direct the storm track
5:44 pm
primarily to the north of the bay area. but it is close enough we do have to at least watch the shower chances as the system does a slide to the south. for tomorrow, monday, high clouds. there is enough moisture out there we could have a few sprinkles up in parts of the north bay. into tuesday, cloud cover will be on the increase and the shower chances on the increase for the north bay. for the rest of the region, rainfall picks up late in the evening and we could still be tracking scattered rain showers first thing wednesday morning. still lingering showers for wednesday morning. here's our forecast model. tomorrow morning, cloud cover out there and maybe a few sprinkles up in parts of the north bay, especially the northern portions of sonoma county. still partly to mostly cloudy skies. we'll expand the view and show you this. we'll take it into tuesday. here we go, increase in the cloud cover and maybe a few rain showers up toward santa rosa. this activity begins to slide to the south. tuesday evening, slowly, but still we will bump up the rain
5:45 pm
chances. and then wednesday morning, we could still be tracking rain, still lingering clouds by wednesday afternoon. as far as tomorrow, lots of cloud cover out there and temperatures, just a touch warmer than today. we're still talking low to mid-60s out there. san francisco, 62. san jose around 65. san mateo, 63 degrees. monday night football returns to candlestick for tomorrow. lots of cloud cover out there. temperatures mainly in the upper 50s, right around 58 degrees at kickoff. here is a look ahead at your five-day forecast. into tuesday, there is a chance of a shower primarily just up in the north bay, but a slight chance elsewhere. lingering rain showers on the busy travel day wednesday, mainly for the morning hours, probably improving conditions by the afternoon and evening. heather and ken, thanksgiving forecast, should be dry, and the dry weather takes us into the weekend. hopefully that won't change. if it, does weep keep you posted. >> you want the roads clear on
5:46 pm
wednesday and the airports open. >> as i mentioned, lingering showers first thing in the morning, but probably the afternoon could be a little better. >> sounds good. thank you, mark. the final episode of the twilight saga earned $341 million for its u.s. and worldwide debut. >> i've got a bad habit of underestimating you. >> breaking dawn part 2 earned $141 million domestically and $200 million overseas. the supernatural romance movie about vampires joins two other twilight movies on a top 10 list for highest grossing opening weekends. well, the raiders tried to cool off one of the hottest teams. >> drew brees and the saints come marching into oakland. we'll have the highlights. sports wrap is next.
5:47 pm
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. good evening, everyone. welcome to this early sunday night sports wrap. we keep waiting for the raiders to give us just a little kernel of hope. but after today's effort at the oakland coliseum, the hope is not yet in sight. carson palmer and his team with the tough chore of trying to keep up with the offensive drew brees and the saints, already 7-0 new orleans in the first quarter. things got worse in a hurry. palmer picked off by malcolm jenkins. this one's not coming back. jenkins goes 55 yards to the end zone. new orleans' lead is 14. oakland trying to get back in it in the second quarter, palmer rolls out, this time spots one of his guys, brandon myers in the end zone. it was 14-7, with 4 minutes left in the half. that was plenty of time for the saints to get on the board again. brees steps away from trouble. he'll then fire to the end zone for lance moore, 38-yard play
5:50 pm
allowing the saints to go into the loom with the 21-7 lead. not a development enjoyed by anyone wearing silver & black. saints set the tone in the second half on their very first play from scrimmage. mark ingram found the edge, on his way to a 27-yard score. 28-7 and the raiders never got close the rest of the way. 38-17 new orleans. the raiders fall to 3-7 and doesn't get any easier next week, when they travel to cincinnati. >> we just got to go back to work, keep grinding. you know, those guys in that locker room, there's nobody that hurts any worse than they do. >> is this now a rebuilding year? >> no. i'm not into rebuilding years. i mean, what we've got to do is we've got to continue to develop and we've got to continue to go to work and keep trying to get better every day. that's all i know how to do. the 49ers have monday night duty tomorrow evening at candlestick park against the bears. no official word on whether alex smith will play after suffering that concussion last week.
5:51 pm
the packers having to do without clay matthews today, an important divisional game against the lions. detroit led 10-7 in the third quarter and was driving for more when matthew stafford's pass went off the hands of receiver tony scheffler to jennings. jennings knows what to do with the football. that's a 72-yard return. packers have a 14-10 lead, but they would fall behind 20-14. still 20-14 with less than 2 minutes to play. aaron rodgers heaves one to the end zone where randall cobb somehow comes up with it between a couple of defenders. packers also had a late field goal and win 24-20. they built their record back up to 7-3. the panthers haven't put a lot of fear in their opponents this year, but they let tampa by 8 with just 12 seconds to play. josh freeman found vincent jackson in the end zone. bucks got a two-point conversion headed to overtime. in ot, freeman threw to clark along the sideline. bucs escaped with a 27-21 win.
5:52 pm
at 6-4, tampa in the middle of the nfc playoff picture. those of us who wondered if peyton manning had anything left in the tank are being shown on a weekly basis. manning to stokley, who the chargers seem to have forgotten about. broncos 30-23 winners at 7-3 denver, solidly in control in the afc west. after a four-game suspension, the newly acquired aqib talib made his debut today for the new england patriots. worked out pretty well, picking off this andrew luck pass and watch him head the other way and give his teammates time to make the blocks that eventually spring him all the way to the end zone. that's a 59-yard return for talib. right after the patriots returned a punt for touchdown, they go on to win in a rout, 59-24. gary kubiak and the texans in danger all day of losing for the second time this year. chad henne at quarterback for jacksonville replacing the injured blaine gab bert. the jags have a 34-20 fourth
5:53 pm
quarter lead. but the texans send it into overtime after both teams had kicked field goals in ot. houston put it away on this touchdown pass to johnson. houston wins a wild one, 43-37. the texans tied for the best record in football at 9-1. elsewhere, the bengals even their record at 5-5, after taking care of kansas city. after a 4-0 start, cardinals have now lost six in a row, the latest to atlanta despite five interceptions by the falcons matt ryan. 49ers might be wondering what happened to last week's rams, handled at home today by the jets. the cowboys needed overtime to down cleveland. philly is a dismal 3-7 after going down to the redskins. still to come on this early sunday night edition of sports wrap, stanford moving up in the rankings, as the results of its big win last night in oregon. we'll tell you how far. and nascar has its 2012 sprint cup champion. we'll be right back.
5:54 pm
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. well, they started in the daytona 500 in february. today, they wrapped up the championship in miami. the hardware and a lot of money at stake. mark me johnson mark me -- jimmie johnson came in for a pit stop, but was flagged by nascar officials to driving away one lug nut short. never want to be one lug nut short. johnson broke a rear end gear with 40 laps to go. he was finished for the day. that all but wrapped things up for keselowski. jeff gordon won the race with keselowski finishing 15th, but keselowski wins the championship by 39 points over clint bowyer, the first nascar championship for keselowski and for his car owner, roger penske. formula one racing returned to u.s. soil for the first time since 2007, on a brand-new track built just for that purpose in austin, texas. they head into the first turn cleanly from the traditional
5:57 pm
start. three quarters of the way through the race, lewis hamilton passed vedl to take the lead. hamilton won the last formula one race in the united states and it was hamilton who won this event, known as the u.s. grand prix. vedl was second, but continues to lead in overall points. when the two top 10 previously undefeated teams are beaten on the same day, you can expect a shakeup in the college football polls. stanford was one of the key contributors to the changes at the top. the cardinal at top ranked oregon, one of the toughest venues in college football, trailing 14-7 with a minute and a half to play. cardinal tied the game when hogan threw to the end zone and outmuscled the defender on what was eventually ruled a touchdown n overtime, after oregon had missed a field goal, cardinal's williamson, good from 37 yards out. stanford wins 17-14 and with a win next week at ucla, would win the pac-12's northern division and get a date the following
5:58 pm
week with ucla. here's what the new ap top 10 looks like. undefeated notre dame moved up to number 1. alabama, now 22. followed by georgia, ohio state and oregon, back at 5. stanford moves up from 14th to 11th in the ap, but number 8 in the bcs. that's it for this early sunday night sports. see you again tonight at 10:00. >> that was a great win by stanford. >> what an exciting game. >> thanks, joe. >> sure. coverage continues tonight at 10:00. >> more details on the homicide we told you about last night in menlo park. what we've learned about the man killed during an armed robbery in a residential neighborhood. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> we're always here for you online at and mobile ktvu. see you back here at 10:00, everyone. have a good night. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
5:59 pm
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